001 Hiding in the Cool Groove
Tomonoura is a scenic port town with scenery reminiscent of the Edo period.

Historical remains such as Machiya (tradesmen’s houses), temples, and shrines blend in with everyday life, and time flows by in a relaxed way.

Here in Tomonoura, there are many cats.

Many of them are homeless cats, but they are loved by the people in Tomonoura; they are living without disturbing the people and fitting in with the beautiful scenery of this town.

In early summer even if the temperature rises, the stone pavement path, which symbolizes Tomonoura, is still cold, so it is a great summer resort for cats.

When the temperature rises, they move to a cooler environment. You can find beautiful scenery there as well. Cats are geniuses in finding comfortable places for them.

There is a photographer who has fun encountering cats and continues to take their pictures in Tomonoura, -his name is Teruaki Morihara.

He is now familiar with cats and is trusted by them. He will introduce to you their everyday life with his beloved feelings towards them in his pictures.
002 Looking sharp!
003 Cat Protecting its Area, Gazing at Intruders
004 With Each Other
005 Sorry for Stepping Over You
006 Cat Protecting its Mother
007 Welcome to My Town, Tomo
008 Indian Summer Day
009 Hello
010 On the Roof is …
011 Excuse Me in Front of God
012 The Sea in Spring
013 Come On, Spring! Come Quickly!
014 From the House Next Door
015 Fun-loving Cats at the Seaside
016 Hide-and-Seek
017 I am a Stray Cat, but I am Happy.
018 To Live a Daily Life
019 Date
020 On the Tatami Mat

Danang, Vietnam Cat

Website of the cat in Hiroshima Japan

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Daily life of cat in TOMONOURA